April 21, 2021

Dodgers: Chris Taylor Tired of Talking About Astros Cheating Scandal (Dodgers Nation)

Undeniably, any time you hear one of the Los Angeles Dodgers speak about the Houston Astros’ cheating scandal; one must wonder how much they think of the imposed MLB gag order. Still, some Dodgers were willing to speak about the matter at Dodgers Fanfest this past Saturday.

Already, we have heard Justin Turner be fairly outspoken about the issue. While Dodgers Nation was in attendance, Chris Taylor took a certain stance on the subject. You can see the full segment below, and read on to see that Taylor wants to be finished talking about the Astros.

Initially, Taylor didn’t hold back words when asked about the Astros’ sign stealing scandal.

“It’s frustrating. I think everyone is frustrated about it you know but it doesn’t do any good to look back at it and think about the ‘what if’s’. The only thing we can really do is look forward to the 2020 season.”

Next, Taylor said he didn’t see Dallas Keuchel’s public apology. Therefore, he had no comment about the apology itself. Then Taylor was asked if he still thinks about the ‘what if’s’ had the Astros been forced to play…

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