April 18, 2021

Jed Hoyer Q&A — Where the Cubs stand with Kris Bryant and more (ESPN)

Every year, as he packs his car with his luggage and his dog, Chicago Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer picks up the phone for some football and Major League Baseball talk. ESPN found him near Tulsa, Oklahoma, on the way to Mesa, Arizona, where the Cubs train. His beloved New England Patriots aren’t in the Super Bowl this season, but that doesn’t stop Hoyer from making a prediction on the game and talking some baseball. But we start with a question he’s been wondering about as well.

Where is Tom Brady playing next season?

Jed Hoyer: My heart is hoping it’s the Patriots, but my head says it will be elsewhere. I hope it’s one or two more years there, but reading the tea leaves it might go another way.

Are you as curious as the next guy to see how Brady does without coach Bill Belichick and vice versa?

Hoyer: It’s been such a source of debate. People always wondering who’s had the bigger influence. The answer is both. I want to see them stick together.

Since we’re talking other sports here, besides baseball, did you ever run across Kobe Bryant for any reason?

Hoyer: No, I never did. It’s just so crushing what the family is going through. It’s hard to even articulate that…

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