April 18, 2021

Dodgers: How Red Sox OF Mookie Betts Fits With Los Angeles (Dodgers Nation)

If the rumors are trueand there’s a lot of them—there’s a good chance Red Sox’ outfielder Mookie Betts is about to be traded to the Dodgers.

The reported cost for him is Alex Verdugo plus a few other good prospects, which is a very high price to pay for a rental, even one as talented as Betts. So should the Dodgers make a move for Betts and how would he fit on the team?

The short answers are absolutely and very well.

The only thing keeping Mookie Betts from being the consensus top player in baseball is he plays at the same time as the best player of all time, Mike Trout. Since coming into the league full-time in 2015, Betts has been the second-most valuable player in baseball behind Trout, according to wins above replacement (WAR). Betts’ 35.4 WAR puts him 8.8 wins behind Trout (44.2) and 7.6 wins ahead of the 3rd player, Kris Bryant (27.8).

Betts has a talent level that you don’t see often. He is a true 5-tool player as he…

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