April 21, 2021

Dodgers: Orel Hershiser Sees Career Parallels with Mookie Betts    (Dodgers Nation)

While Dodgers analyst Orel Hershiser already gave a fine review of David Price coming over in the deal with Boston, he also took a look at Mookie Betts’ career and drew from his own experiences.

Of course, Betts is a born and raised Red Sox star. However, the writing was on the wall as his time ticked down in Boston. As much as he wanted to stay in Bean Town — a place he considers his home — he was also eager to test the free agent market after not getting a contract extension offer he felt was worthy of his talents.

Hershiser spoke on the feelings that come with leaving a team you want to be with but knowing it was coming.

I think he’s already been playing through this for a while because he turned down Boston in a long term deal. So mentally, he’s already thought about putting on another uniform, getting to know another travelling…

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