May 12, 2021

Dodgers: Ross Stripling Happy To Still Be in Los Angeles (Dodgers Nation)

Ross Stripling was traded earlier in the week, and then he wasn’t. After nearly five days of rumors indicating the trade would go down, our favorite pitcher/podcaster/stockbroker was quiet. Who wouldn’t be? This week has had more up and downs than a roller coaster.

Now, unless you’ve been under a very soundproof rock with no internet, the Mookie Betts trade did finally happen. Mookie is a Dodger! The other big news is that Ross Stripling and Joc Pederson, are NOT Anaheim Angels!

Ross Reacts, Then Deletes

As the modern proverb goes, “screenshots are forever.” So Ross Stripling, hearing the news that the trade was off, reacted using a gif of himself to show his pleasure.

Our guys at the Blue Heaven Podcast recreated the excitement. 

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