February 27, 2021

Love it or hate it? The proposal to shake up the MLB playoffs (ESPN)

Major League Baseball is considering some huge changes to its postseason starting in 2022. Adding four more teams to expand the playoff slate to 14 of its 30 clubs might be a controversial enough idea by itself, but that’s not the only part of the package of proposed tweaks to October baseball.

The team with the best record in each league would get a first-round bye, and then the other two division winners and the wild-card club with the best record could end up picking their opponents in a televised seeding showdown.

Does that sound dramatic? Terrible? Creative or bizarre? We asked our MLB experts for their reactions.

The new playoff proposal: Love it or hate it?

Sam Miller: There are a lot of moving pieces here, so there’s room to love and hate different parts at the same time. I mean, “no more Game 163 tiebreakers” is offered here as a benefit. Imagine, as a fan, being against Game 163 tiebreakers. Imagine!

The “pick your opponent” part of it is a pretty low-stakes tweak — you could do that now in the current format — but it feels wacky and unpopular. I don’t think playoff teams actually want to pick their opponents. They would like to face the worst opponents, to be…

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