March 7, 2021

Taijuan Walker Auditioning For Cubs (MLB Trade Rumors)

While he’s already said to be considering multiple offers from other organizations, righty Taijuan Walker is going to throw for at least one team in hopes of boosting interest. He’s in Cubs camp readying to audition,’s Jesse Rogers reports on Twitter.

It might be tempting to wonder if there’s some kind of agreement in place, but Rogers says that’s not the case. It does seem fair to assume there’s serious interest, though.

Given that Walker already seems to have at least one solid opportunity with the Mariners, his former team, it’s notable that he’s willing to go put on an in-person showing at this point. If he lands with the Cubs, he’d presumably be given a shot to duel with Tyler Chatwood in camp for the fifth starter’s job.

The Cubs have pursued low-cost, reasonably high upside opportunities wherever possible this winter. Just what kind of money the team could promise Walker — in an up-front guarantee or through incentives — isn’t really clear. But it seems…

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