March 4, 2021

Yankees, Mets going all-in on the pitching evolution (New York Post)

They don’t want to sell this as a revolution.

“It’ll be very similar to more of a traditional camp,” Jeremy Hefner, the Mets’ new pitching coach, said of the upcoming spring training for his new charges. “They’ll throw their bullpens, and then live [batting practice] and we’ll start getting into games.”

“The thing I want to reiterate to them the most is, we don’t need to change anything,” Matt Blake, the Yankees’ new pitching coach, said on the same topic. “What we need to understand is, if there are things you want to know more about, we can facilitate those conversations.”

Fair enough. Yet if this doesn’t constitute a revolution, call it one heck of an evolution. Imagine if it took only five years, rather than two million, for apes to transform into human beings and you have a sense of how rapidly the analytics age has enveloped Major League Baseball — most prominently, one could argue rather easily, on the pitching side.

“A lot has changed,” said Phillies manager Joe Girardi, who as a former catcher has been working closely with pitchers for more than 30 years. “There’s so much more information available to us.”

The two New…

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