March 3, 2021

An Open Letter to My Fellow Astros Fans (Baseball Essential)

I have been attempting to write something of substance about the sign-stealing controversy surrounding the Houston Astros for months. Dozens of times, I will author an article or a series of tweets that hit 300 words and give up.

There are too many moving parts in all of this for my thoughts to do the sheer magnitude of this cheating scandal justice. I instead just press down on the backspace key for 30 seconds or so and start over again.

But rather than continuing with the reflexive stance of the vast majority of Astros fans (which is “well, you’re just jealous” or “every team cheats”), I feel it’s important to be rational and unbiased and simply evaluate how we as Houston supporters can go forward with this.

Emphasis on the word “forward,” because unfortunately, nothing in the past matters anymore.

Major League Baseball determined that the Astros worked to steal signs relayed from a video camera in center field to their clubhouse tunnel by banging on trash cans to alert Houston batters of incoming pitch types all throughout their historic 2017 World Series championship run.

The controversy cost former manager AJ Hinch his job with the team (in addition to a…

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