March 7, 2021

Bob Costas salivating over MLB playoff expansion plan (New York Post)

The new MLB playoff proposal is likely to happen because top TV executives love the idea of having more drama-filled, higher-rated, prime-time elimination games.

TV executives and baseball officials contacted by The Post universally supported the new ideas and felt it could lead to more lucrative contracts with MLB packages involving ESPN and TBS expiring soon.

On top of the network and league officials, none other than Bob Costas also was a supporter of the plan that would expand the number of playoff teams and create more intrigue for the playoffs.

“Something like this is going to happen,” Costas told The Post. “Generally speaking, I’m in favor of it. I find the concept behind it appealing. I find the television aspect appealing. The more meaningful postseason games you have, the better. I’m good with all of that.”

The proposal — the contents of which were broken by The Post’s Joel Sherman on Monday before MLB could even share it with the Players Association — has many elements executives liked, but none more so than the idea of increasing the number of elimination games.

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