June 22, 2021

Carlos Beltran was relentless ‘Godfather’ in Astros’ sign-stealing scheme (New York Post)

The Mets may have made the right decision after all.

Carlos Beltran was very involved in the Astros’ electronic sign-stealing scandal, according to The Athletic, making the Mets’ decision to move on from him as manager before his first season appear to be a wise one.

Beltran, a veteran designated hitter on the 2017 Astros championship team, helped create the scheme along with then-bench coach Alex Cora, in which players knew ahead of time what pitches were coming, according to several Astros who spoke with The Athletic on the condition of anonymity.

For home games, a video monitor was positioned to transcribe signs from a center-field camera and members of the team then would bang on a garbage can within earshot of the batter.

In November, Beltran told The Post that he was “not aware of that camera,” and that “we were studying the opposite team every day.” But it’s clear now Beltran was a driving force in the Astros’ scheme.

When Beltran joined the Astros in 2017 after playing the previous three seasons with the Yankees, he told the Astros they were “behind the times” when it came to stealing signs, according to the report. Veteran catcher Brian…

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