February 24, 2021

Purist argument doesn’t make sense (New York Post)

PORT ST. LUCIE — You identify as a baseball purist and you want the powers in charge to stop messing with the game.

Just a few questions:

What is your defining point for when the game was pure? Now, with two wild cards? Or when it was one? Or before there were three divisions? Or before there were two? Or before you ever heard the term designated hitter? Or before players of color were allowed to play? When is your starting point?

Because whenever it is the game has stopped being purely that version long ago. It is ever changing. So if you do not like the playoff format that the commissioner’s office is mulling please don’t hide behind purity, unless you also think players should stop using mechanical pitching machines because Ruth and Gehrig never had that and players should be forbidden from the best in modern medicine, nutrition and workout regimens because Cy Young never had an option for Tommy John surgery, Willie Mays never had protein powder in his smoothie and Ted Williams never did pilates.

I could see the case against going to 14 playoff teams, though the NBA and NHL have long had 16 and the expectation is that if the NFL goes to a 17-game schedule they…

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