March 7, 2021

The biggest obstacle to magical Mets 2020 World Series run (New York Post)

PORT ST. LUCIE — The Mets could win the NL East. The Mets can win the World Series. That’s true even with the Yankees across the Triborough and now Mookie Betts across the country making the superpower Dodgers more super.

After a winter in which the Mets’ good days were filled with gut punches and their bad days with too familiar self-inflicted knockout punches, let’s begin with that counterpunch of optimism. For if you can’t see the best possibilities as spring training opens, when will you?

On paper, the Mets’ 2020 roster stacks up with the one the Nationals used to win it all last year. In the National League, only the Dodgers are clearly better and the Nationals ousted the Dodgers in the Division Series last year thanks to a strength they share with these Mets — a powerhouse rotation. My suspicion is — if Los Angeles executives were on truth serum — the Mets would be the NL team they would least want to face because of that starting pitching combined with the potential for a strong lineup and bullpen.

Will the Mets maximize that potential? It is not their history. The winter was again a reminder that this organization has a way of finding every…

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