March 1, 2021

Carlos Beltran development is Mets validation (New York Post)

How often do the Mets look at Twitter and actually breathe a sigh of relief?About as often as a leap year?

Lo and behold, on Tuesday — 18 days before Feb. 29 — “Beltran” trended on the New York version of our President’s favorite social-media platform. And the Mets, most of them relocated already to Port St. Lucie, could take note of that development and carry on with their business without comment or contemplation.

And they could rest assured that, no matter how many mistakes led them to a supporting role in baseball’s seismic sign-stealing scandal, their last call on Beltran more than ever looks like the right one.

Beltran, who has laid very low since his dismissal from the Mets’ managing position on Jan. 16, resurfaced courtesy of a report by The Athletic that offered more details of the nine-time All-Star’s involvement in the 2017 Astros’ illegal sign-stealing operation. Not surprisingly, his role was similar to Walter White in the “Breaking Bad” crystal meth operation: Co-creator and steely advocate.

Remember when Walter, challenged by his partners as to the viability of their endeavor, coolly declared, “Nothing stops this train”? You…

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