May 7, 2021

Dodgers: Social Media Reacts to Mookie Betts Trade (Again) (Dodgers Nation)

Last week, when news broke across social media that Andrew Friedman had pulled off an improbable heist on the Boston Red Sox, reactions across the baseball world began to pour in. The excitement receded quickly, however, as the trade hit a snag which resulted in one of the wilder weeks in recent Dodger (and baseball) fandom.

And now, finally, 6 days later, the blockbuster trade we have all been waiting for was finally made official by the teams, and social media lit up once again.

It started with the officially official “no big deal” tweet from the Dodgers’ social media team:

Then, it got fun:

And we were reminded that it was in fact Joe Kelly’s little guy Knox who first planted the Mookie seed in spring training last year:

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