May 13, 2021

Luis Rojas’ tricky power, stress balance as Mets’ modern manager (New York Post)

PORT ST. LUCIE — Behold the modern manager. He can be named in late January and feel like he is fully caught up. Gone are the days when a Colossus like Jim Leyland would sit in his office and flick cigarette ashes on your pants (accidentally, I assume) and offer one off-the-cuff insight after another as the most powerful man in an organization.

Now managers don’t smoke — Luis Rojas looks more like a marathon man than a Marlboro Man. They don’t invite reporters into their offices. They sit at podiums in press conference rooms in front of screens with corporate logos. They turn rocky-road questions into vanilla answers, offering the most positive spin for the team. These are not outright lies. More like Truth Lite. Sanitized often preplanned pablum designed to lack insight or the potential to incite.

This is the modern manager. The two key coaches no longer have their jobs because they are the manager’s drinking buddy and keeper of secrets. These days a major league coaching staff is like one in the NFL, growing like an uncontrollable vine to include coaching from people without even coaching titles. As an example, Mets analytic folks flew to Los Angeles three…

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