February 25, 2021

Astros’ Carlos Correa paints different Carlos Beltran cheating picture (New York Post)

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Astros shortstop Carlos Correa came to the defense of Carlos Beltran on Thursday, after Beltran was painted as a “steamrolling’’ leader in the Astros’ 2017 sign-stealing saga in a report earlier in the week.

“The thing I have a problem with is when I read that report is that we are scared of him, or that we feel intimidated,’’ Correa said of Beltran at the ballpark of the Palm Beaches during the Astros’ apology tour. “We didn’t feel scared of Beltran or intimidated. He was the nicest guy, the best teammate that we ever had. Beltran was a leader of the clubhouse, but we all had a say in everything that we were doing in there. Whatever he said and whatever we were doing, we had the chance to stop it as a team. Everybody. Everybody had the chance to say something and we didn’t.

“So whoever is the anonymous source that was saying we feel intimidated or we were too young to do something that is straight up bulls—. Beltran didn’t intimidate nobody. Beltran is the nicest guy.

“I know people are going to say, ‘Oh, he is just trying to protect him,’ but you can talk to every single guy here that was here in 2017 —…

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