May 12, 2021

Drellich: Blame is a tangled mess in Astros sign-stealing scandal (The Athletic)

The blame game that has sprung from the Astros’ sign-stealing scandal cannot be won, because the culpability is everywhere.

Naturally, the Astros — that broad collective — are the guiltiest party. But any quest to understand who, what, when and why involves different people and topics at different times.

What happened in Houston is the result of a collision of subcultures, with outside forces at play as well, be it league policy or the historically insular nature of locker rooms.

The origin of the Astros’ cheating is not singular. Such a determination depends on how far back you want to trace the system, and which set of circumstances you view as most important. The environment, the conditions and the choices that helped foster one of the worst cheating scandals in baseball history are complicated.

There were even two threads of electronic sign stealing to follow: what happened with the trash can and the television monitor in the…

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