March 3, 2021

Ron Roenicke embraces pressure of fixing Red Sox mess (New York Post)

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Ron Roenicke walked into the Red Sox spring training complex Wednesday morning and went to his usual locker in the coaches’ room.

His clothes were gone. Then he realized his belongings had been moved to the manager’s office, his new home.

“So everything’s still a little different for me,” Roenicke said.

It’s been that kind of offseason for the Red Sox, which was why they cherished Wednesday, when pitchers and catchers had their first workout. The sound of catcher’s mitts popping during bullpen sessions, bats cracking during batting practice and even the minutiae of pitcher’s fielding practice made things start to feel normal again.

“Just starting today and getting through a normal day, I think, is important,” Roenicke said. “I enjoyed today.”

It was just Monday that the Mookie Betts and David Price trade was finalized after it was dragged out in public for nearly a week. It was Tuesday when Roenicke was named interim manager, which came less than a month after the Red Sox fired Alex Cora for his role in the Astros’ 2017 sign-stealing program.

While MLB’s investigation into the Red Sox’s own alleged illegal sign stealing…

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