February 28, 2021

A-Rod Reportedly Thinking Of Entering Mets Bidding (MLB Trade Rumors)

Famed Yankees frenemies Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter, division-rival ownership/front office leaders, and only just a few years after their respective retirements from the field of play? It seems as outlandish to suggest as it is tantalizing to imagine. (More of this, please.) Then again, it didn’t seem particularly likely not long ago that A-Rod would be in a booth and that Jeter would be running the Marlins.

We’re still a long way from that … let’s call it fascinating … possibility. But we’ve now seen the first indication that A-Rod has designs on the game’s most interesting opportunity — the availability of one of the game’s two New York-based teams. Putting the offbeat all-time great in a prominent position with the Mets is all but guaranteed to produce heretofore unseen reams of backpage headline material.

According to Thornton McEnery of the New York Post, Rodriguez is “kicking the tires” on trying to spearhead a Mets bid. While he and spouse Jenifer Lopez are quite wealthy,…

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