September 26, 2020

Dodgers: David Price Talks About His Wrist and Health Outlook (Dodgers Nation)

Obviously a side caveat to the Dodgers trading for Red Sox superstar Mookie Betts was acquiring starting pitcher David Price. While most may think ‘salary relief’ when looking at this deal, how soon we forget this was one of the most dominant left-handed pitchers in baseball for the better part of a decade in the recent past.

In 2019, Price threw just 107.1 innings for Boston, but still struck out 128 hitters during that brief usage. Now, Price talks about the injury that limited him not only in 2019 but dating back a long time in his career.

Furthermore, Price has been dealing with a cyst in his pitching wrist that has caused issues with circulation and feeling the baseball in his hand. It sounds like it started simple, and grew to be a bigger issue. The good news is that he says the recent surgery work he had done on the wrist are allowing him to feel like a new man.

“The feeling in my hand is a lot better. I’m looking forward to getting out there and picking up a baseball. I’ve felt it for a while, probably dating back in my Tampa days. The way it was explained to me, the growth was…

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