May 11, 2021

Dodgers: Ross Stripling Talks Dodgers Trade Rumors and Being Happy in Blue (Dodgers Nation)

Obviously a major iceberg was avoided by the SS Dodger a week or so ago when the trade with the Los Angeles Angels fell through. Of course I say that because without that trade, starting pitcher Ross Stripling remains a Los Angeles Dodger.

Without question, a Friend of the Show always, and as Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman has said; Stripling is just a guy who helps the team win ballgames. Recently, Stripling talked about the whole process and his happiness to remain with the Dodgers.

First off, Striping talks about what it’s like to see your name fly across twitter confirmed in a trade.

“You know it was my first time going through anything like that. I’ve been with the Dodgers for eight years and you see stuff like in the past on twitter, slight trade rumors. But for the first time it was a ‘Ross Stripling to the Angels confirmed’. I hadn’t heard anything but I guess it’s confirmed. Then it was just kind of five days of nothing, and Andrew Friedman was keeping me up to date as best he could. Obviously I don’t even know if he even knew what was going on…

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