May 11, 2021

First days as Phillies manager ‘fabulous’ for Joe Girardi (New York Post)

CLEARWATER, Fla. — Joe Girardi said he was “a little worried” Thursday.

He had a tee time later in the afternoon with an important playing partner — Phillies owner John Middleton.

“I don’t know about the golf game I’m going to play today,” Girardi said with a chuckle.

Perhaps he would have had more time to prepare the past two years. The tradeoff, however, is just fine with him.

Girardi is back where he wants to be: tracing the backfields of a spring training complex, watching bullpen sessions and managing a baseball team, more than two years after getting fired by the Yankees.

“From the day that I signed, I’ve loved it,” the new Phillies manager said. “I’ve loved putting the uniform back on, I’ve loved being in the clubhouse and talking to players and creating fun situations and seeing people laugh and seeing people have success and watching young players do their thing and have success. So these first two days have been magnificent.

Joe Girardi
Joe GirardiAP

“Now saying that, there are still things, like I don’t know how to get certain places and I get lost when I’m going places. But this has been fabulous.”

The 55-year-old Girardi was hired in…

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