September 26, 2020

MLB Network’s Jim Thome on Astros’ next steps, plus Yankees and Mets (New York Post)

Hall of Famer and MLB Network analyst Jim Thome talks with The Post’s Justin Terranova about the Astros’ mindset, the Mets’ NL East chances and Gerrit Cole’s dominance.

Q: What is the message inside the Astros’ clubhouse if they are to overcome the situation they put themselves in?

A: They brought in Dusty Baker, and that is obviously the first step with his reputation for getting players to come together. They have to preach honesty and integrity to the game and treating it with respect. … Players [on other teams] care. Once they hit spring training and go through this long grind, they want a fair shake. I am competing against you, you’re competing against me. It’s hard to say if they’ll continue to be upset as the season goes on.

Q: What are the challenges Luis Rojas faces with this quick turnaround?

A: Any time first-year managers come aboard, there’s a lot of things you have to get adjusted to. It’s just being who you are. They thought very highly of him. He’s an organizational guy who has now stepped into this situation. But he also is a guy that knows the system very well and knows the nooks and crannies of each player. That can be a big…

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