March 3, 2021

Carlos Correa says Astros won World Series ‘fair and square’ (ESPN)

After days of hearing his team and teammates be criticized across the majors, Houston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa spoke out Saturday, telling The Athletic that players on other teams — particularly the Los Angeles DodgersCody Bellinger — are not informed enough when they address the sign-stealing scandal or 2017 American League MVP Jose Altuve.

“The problem I have is when players go out there and they don’t know the facts, they’re not informed about the situation, and they just go out there and go on camera and just talk,” Correa said in an interview that will air on MLB Network.

As he did Thursday when speaking to reporters, Correa conceded that the Astros’ sign stealing in 2017 was “wrong,” but added that comments about Houston continuing to cheat are off base.

“When [Bellinger] talks about that we cheated for three years, he either doesn’t know how to read, is really bad at reading comprehension or is just not informed at all,” Correa told The Athletic. “The commissioner’s report clearly says that all those activities were conducted in 2017. 2018 nothing happened. 2019…

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