March 1, 2021

Kris Bryant Discusses Grievance Case, Extensions, Trade Rumors (MLB Trade Rumors)

Though Kris Bryant is still in a Cubs uniform as Spring Training begins, the third baseman has nonetheless been one of the offseason’s top newsmakers due to the sheer amount of speculation that has swirled around his future over the last few months.  Bryant addressed much of this speculation today, speaking to reporters (including’s Jordan Bastian and The Athletic’s Sahadev Sharma) about a variety of topics, including the service-time grievance that was finally decided at the end of January.

Though the arbitration panel ruled in favor of the Cubs, Bryant said he holds “no hard feelings whatsoever” towards the team over the service-time issue.  “I completely respect this organization and everything they’ve done for me and my family. They’ve given me an opportunity to play the game that I love every single day,” Bryant said.

The intent of the grievance, Bryant explained, was to confront a longstanding concern that players and the MLBPA have had for some time over top…

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