March 5, 2021

Mickey Callaway thinking more ‘globally’ after being fired by Mets (New York Post)

TEMPE, Ariz. — Mickey Callaway says his baseball knowledge expanded tremendously during his two seasons as the Mets’ manager, and the Los Angeles Angels will benefit from his Queens education as he returns to his familiar role as a pitching coach.

“I just think about the game more globally now than I did,” Callaway said Friday after another early-spring workout at the Angels’ spring complex.

“(As a pitching coach) I was so focused on, ‘OK, let’s get the out. This is how you pitch a guy.’ Now I understand why a manager gets upset when a guy steals a base. I always want our pitchers to be quick, but that was kind of the extent of it. Now I understand how impactful a stolen base is, like truly is. It makes you think more globally about the game, and hopefully that will translate into me being a better leader and coach.”

Those two years in the New York pressure cooker also left Callaway with an excitement about taking a job that’s slightly less stressful. After the Mets fired him, Callaway admits he needed a little time to adjust.

“I had PTSD,” Callaway said with a wide grin that makes it clear he’s joking.

“No. I relaxed. I spent some time with…

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