February 28, 2021

Rob Manfred will issue warning to MLB teams about hitting Astros (New York Post)

Pitchers across baseball may be checking their calendars to see when they’ll have an opportunity to get retribution against the Astros for cheating, but Rob Manfred is trying to get out in front of the issue.

The MLB commissioner said in a sit-down with ESPN that he will be sending a memo this week warning teams about throwing at Astros hitters, noting that punishment would be more severe.

“We have been working on for some time a memorandum about being hit by pitches, intentionally throwing at batters,” Manfred told ESPN’s Karl Ravech. “It’s really dangerous, really a dangerous undertaking, and completely independent of the Astros investigation we will be issuing at the beginning of this week a memorandum on hit by pitches which will increase the ramifications of that type of behavior.”

Manfred said he will also be meeting with every MLB manager over the next several days, and the issue of plunking Astros hitters will be discussed.

“It is simply not appropriate to express whatever frustration you may have growing out of the Astros situation by putting someone physically at risk by throwing at them,” Manfred said. “It’s just not…

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