February 24, 2021

Good News, Bad News for Cleveland (FanGraphs)

On Friday, the Cleveland Indians found themselves in the middle of a classic good news, bad news situation. It was encapsulated by this tweet from their official Twitter account:

First, the bad news. While participating in preseason drills earlier in the week, Mike Clevinger partially tore the meniscus in his left knee. After his surgery on Friday, the club announced a recovery timeline of six-to-eight weeks. The short end of his rehab timeline would put him on track to rejoin the team just after Opening Day. But since he’ll have missed all of spring training, it wouldn’t be surprising if he was brought along conservatively. Depending on how much time he needs to ramp up for the season, it’s possible he’d miss as much as the first month.

With Corey Kluber out of the picture, Clevinger’s injury leaves Cleveland with few good options for the fifth spot in their rotation. Adam Plutko is the most likely candidate to pick up…

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