May 12, 2021

‘I wanna win’ in Cleveland (ESPN)

GOODYEAR, Ariz. — After an entire offseason of rumors about a potential trade and constant speculation that his team will not be able to afford him, Cleveland Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor wanted to make one thing clear after his first official workout of spring training.

“I wanna win here. I wanna stay here,” Lindor said Monday. “I wanna stay here in Cleveland. This is home. I’m not playing to get traded or to put myself in a good spot to get traded. I’m playing to win. I want to win here.”

Lindor, a four-time All-Star and one of the game’s best all-around players, is two seasons away from free agency and will undoubtedly command $30-plus million per year on a long-term contract once he ventures into the open market. The Indians have been trimming their payroll in recent years, going from $135 million in 2018 to $120 million in 2019 to an estimated $90 million in 2020.

Lindor, 26, could absorb about a quarter of the Indians’ payroll, putting the franchise in a precarious situation similar to that of the San Diego Padres after they signed Manny Machado.

Lindor nonetheless thinks a long-term deal is possible.

“If the negotiations or whatever makes sense, it’s gonna…

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