February 25, 2021

Red Sox cheating probe ‘developments’ delaying MLB decision (New York Post)

NORTH PORT, Fla. — “Development” is a fine word for movie scripts and young athletes. Less so if it refers to someone investigating you. And that’s where the Red Sox find themselves.

Rob Manfred said Sunday that his office’s look into allegations the champion 2018 Sawx illegally stole signs had lasted longer than he originally anticipated. When the commissioner spoke at the conclusion of the owners’ meetings on Feb. 6, he said he hoped to conclude the investigation by the time camps opened, a deadline he missed.

“There have been a couple of developments in the Boston thing that slowed us down,” Manfred said at CoolToday Park during Grapefruit League Media Day. “… People who had to be reinterviewed as a result of things. … I am still thinking that by the end of next week, we should be done and have a decision out.”

That would be by Feb. 28, Manfred clarified.

The lack of a public whistleblower or damning video footage, two components that immediately put the 2017 Astros in the hottest of water, have led baseball folks to assume that the penalties for the Red Sox will be nowhere as harsh — beyond a lengthy suspension for former manager Alex Cora,…

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