May 17, 2021

Red Sox owner uses Nomar Garciaparra to rationalize Mookie Betts trade (New York Post)

Red Sox owner John Henry absolutely nailed one portion of his lengthy message to Red Sox fans on Monday explaining the thought process behind last week’s Mookie Betts trade.

“I understand there is probably little I can say today that will change how you feel about this, but it is my responsibility to try,” Henry wrote in a statement posted on the team’s Twitter account.

It appears he did not change many minds.

Henry went on to explain how losing Betts in free agency next offseason and getting nothing in return (except a compensatory draft pick) was simply too much of a risk, even for one of the more higher-spending teams in baseball.

“The baseball organizations we compete against have become much more strategic and thoughtful about how and where they spend their resources in their quest for titles,” Henry said. “We cannot shy away from tough decisions required to aggressively compete for World Series. This is what led to this trade.”

Henry, however, may have lost Red Sox fans even before he got to this point. The 70-year-old tried relating Betts going to the Dodgers to the team’s trade of Nomar Garciaparra to the Cubs before the trade deadline in 2004….

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