February 24, 2021

Yankees’ Gleyber Torres thinks Astros also cheated in 2019 (New York Post)

TAMPA — As a successful cheater himself, Gleyber Torres doesn’t see why the Astros ever would have stopped breaking the rules to defeat their opponents.

The difference is that Torres cheats at video games. The Astros did it on a larger field of play.

The Yankees’ shortstop, upon officially reporting to camp Monday, made clear his belief that the Astros illegally stole signs not only in 2017 and 2018, but in 2019, as well.

“If you cheat in 2017 and you won, why don’t you do that the next year and the next year too?” Torres said. “It’s for sure. …If I play video games with you and we face the TV and I saw your control, and I saw what is coming and I win, and you tell me, ‘(Let’s) play again’? I do the same thing. And they did ‘17 for sure, and they did ‘18, and ‘19.”

He can speak so knowledgeably of video-game chicanery, Torres explained with a laugh, because “When I face (Luis) Severino, I see the control.”

The 23-year-old Torres, who wasn’t part of the 2017 Yankees who were officially victimized by the Astros’ scheming (as per Rob Manfred’s report), added, “It’s not respectful of baseball when you cheat. We feel frustration…

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