February 27, 2021

Aubrey Huff not invited to Giants’ 2010 World Series reunion (New York Post)

Aubrey Huff played a huge role on the 2010 San Francisco Giants team that won the World Series, but his controversial social media activity will keep him from being a part of the team’s celebration.

The Giants will not invite Huff to their Aug. 16 10-year reunion of the title team, the club citing “unacceptable” comments made by Huff as the reason why.

“Earlier this month, we reached out to Aubrey Huff to let him know that he will not be included in the upcoming 2010 World Series Championship reunion,” the Giants said in a statement. “Aubrey has made multiple comments on social media that are unacceptable and run counter to the values of our organization. While we appreciate the many contributions that Aubrey made to the 2010 championship season, we stand by our decision.”

Huff, 43, posted a picture of himself in November holding up a shooting range target sheet full of bullet holes, tweeting that he was teaching his kids “how to use a gun in the unlikely event @BernieSanders beats @realDonaldTrump in 2020. In which case knowing how to effectively use a gun under socialism will be a must.”

In January, Huff tweeted about trying to “kidnap” Iranian…

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