March 1, 2021

‘Boar Man’ Yoenis Cespedes needs bat to do his talking (New York Post)

PORT ST. LUCIE — Yo, no games since July 20, 2018. And that was his only game that July.

No big talk, either, no quotes “not today, not tomorrow, not at all this year,’’ Yoenis Cespedes said Monday when approached by reporters before his first workout with the team in the Mets’ new luxurious spring training clubhouse, where Cespedes owns prime real estate, essentially a double locker.

No problem.

Cespedes needs to let his bat do his talking more than ever before.

Sure, it would have been interesting to get Cespedes’ take on what happened in the wild-boar incident when he suffered multiple fractures in his right ankle playing on his ranch and not for the Mets last May, but maybe he will enlighten us in his next Roc Nation “Rocky’’ video.

Hits, not quotes, are necessary from Cespedes.

Maybe that wild-boar incident is better off left to the imagination anyway.

On Monday, Cespedes did go out of his way to engage with fans and even signed some autographs before a live BP hitting session against Michael Wacha. He followed that up with some impressive moonshots in standard BP against coach Ricky Bones.

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