May 7, 2021

Dodgers: Max Muncy Wants More From Astros Players (Dodgers Nation)

Another day, another Houston Astros related article being released. Pedro Moura of The Athletic sat down with Dodgers’ first baseman Max Muncy this week to discuss his opinion on the Astros response to their scandal. And to put it lightly, Max was not satisfied with the responses.

Moura did an excellent job throughout the interview of giving Muncy time to think about his answers and process his thoughts. Rather than reaching for an emotional quote to create a headline, Moura let Muncy decide the pace of the interview. And Muncy took his time to pick apart the Astros’ responses to being caught cheating, but some parts were surprising.

In fact, Muncy surprisingly praised Carlos Correa for his dedication to his teammates.

I actually applaud him for that: He was standing up for his guy. He was standing up for his teammates. That’s all we…

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