May 11, 2021

Dodgers News: Former Pitcher Jamey Wright Hired as Special Assistant (Dodgers Nation)

Lost in the continuing soap opera of the Astros cheating scandal, the Dodgers announced Friday they were hiring retired longtime MLB pitcher — and former Dodger — Jamey Wright as a special assistant.

Since retiring just before the 2016 season, Jamey Wright had been serving as a player agent.

He’s Got The Wright Stuff

Jamey Wright is a perfect example to use when somebody says, “didn’t he used to play for…” because in all likelihood, he did. Jamey had an extensive 19 year career in the majors, playing for 10 different teams.

In 2012 and 2013, he played for the Dodgers. In 2016 he actually tried making a comeback after being out of the game for over a year. The Dodgers gave him a minor league contract, but after being unable to make the Dodgers opening day roster, he retired.

In his 19 year career, he went 97-130 with a career ERA of 4.81. Six of his 19 seasons were spent with the Colorado Rockies. His numbers may not impress…

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