May 17, 2021

Updated July 2 Prospect Rankings (FanGraphs)

Now appearing on The Board are what I consider to be the top of the 2020 International Free Agents. I’ll continue to flesh out the list throughout the spring as I have time to address the many 40 and 35+ FV prospects I’ve got notes on (for this market it’s sometimes difficult to source seemingly simple things, like dates of birth), but for now this is what I think the top of the class looks like.

It’s tough to cover this market with precisely the right tone. Teams still make multi-million dollar verbal agreements with players who often are as young as 14 years old, which has long been a problem, but it’s behavior the current structure gives them incentive to execute. Clubs work hard to extract marginal value from every avenue of talent acquisition, and this is especially true when their spending has a hard cap, as it does internationally — a fairly recent rule, the impacts of which can be seen comparing Boston’s total expenditure for Yoán Moncada and the Angels’ total outlay for Shohei Ohtani.

Teams trust their scouts and cross their fingers that the player will grow into a $3-5 million talent in the time between when the deal is agreed upon and when…

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