March 7, 2021

DJ LeMahieu, Yankees Haven’t Yet Discussed Extension (MLB Trade Rumors)

Yankees infielder DJ LeMahieu says he hasn’t yet held any talks with the club about a new contract, as’s Bryan Hoch reports on Twitter. He also reiterated his affinity for the organization after one golden campaign.

LeMahieu’s contract situation isn’t necessarily a hot topic in Yanks’ camp, but it is fair to wonder whether he’ll ultimately be approached about an extension. The free agent deal he signed last January covered two seasons, meaning DJLM is presently slated to return to the open market next winter.

The Yankees have already made out like bandits on this signing. LeMahieu racked up a .327/.375/.518 batting line with a career-high 26 home runs in 655 plate appearances last year, easily topping expectations. He placed fourth in the American League MVP vote. Suffice to say, LeMahieu earned the entirety of his contract and then some in the first year.

Whether LeMahieu can repeat anything approaching that output is an open question. He did have one other high-grade…

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