February 28, 2021

How Yankees fan became internet legend for trolling Astros (New York Post)

A winter vacation has turned a New York high school student into a minor internet celebrity.

Twitter user @Captainderk talked to The Post on Wednesday morning after his trolling of the Astros at their spring training facility in West Palm Beach went viral this week. The student, who wished to remain anonymous, posted videos of himself banging a trash can and shouting “cheater” at Jose Altuve on Monday as the Astros franchise is embroiled in a sign-stealing scandal that has turned them into baseball villains.

“I’m a big baseball fan so I wanted to watch some practices,” the lifelong Yankees fan said. “When I called Altuve a cheater, there was some gasps, but no one said anything. When I banged the trash can, [Carlos] Correa saw and smiled. One Astros fan said ‘good one’ right after I did it.”

The student said he was on vacation with has family in the West Palm Beach area and the Astros facility is “only a short drive away.” Altuve has become one of the faces of the scandal, as some have speculated that he was also cheating in 2019 with the use of buzzers. The 2017 MVP was seen shouting at teammates not to rip his shirt off after he hit the…

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