June 22, 2021

We’d never cheat like the Astros did (New York Post)

PORT ST. LUCIE — The Astros’ cheating scandal comes down to integrity. You have it or you don’t.

The Astros have cheated baseball and their fellow players, and that will not be forgotten.

Michael Conforto — in many ways the heart and the soul of this Mets clubhouse, the closest thing they have to David Wright from his days as Captain — made that clear Tuesday at Clover Park.

“Even if it came from above you, I would not feel comfortable doing something like that. I just feel like the integrity of the players in this clubhouse, we just wouldn’t allow that to happen, no matter who brings it in or who has the idea,’’ Conforto told The Post. “I think it is the same league-wide.’’

For all their talent and advanced analytics, the Astros missed out on the character app with their sign-stealing scandal.

“It’s just an unacceptable thing in baseball,’’ Conforto said. “There are ways to do what they did that are within the lines. But to take it a step further and use what they used, that is just not OK. It completely changes everything about the game. It is such an old-school game. The game has changed with technology but it is still the game, more…

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