May 14, 2021

Yankees shouldn’t wait to extend DJ LeMahieu (New York Post)

TAMPA — For a guy who prides himself on being as publicly vanilla as an episode of “Jessie,” DJ LeMahieu continues to fascinate as a Yankee.

The Yankees fascinated us a year ago by signing him as an irregular regular, an acquisition that effectively (and thankfully) halted the Manny Machado fantasies. LeMahieu fascinated us with a spectacular 2019 season, excelling at all three bases and earning the love of both his teammates and his fan base.

Now comes the fascinating followup: With the 31-year-old already in his walk year, what would constitute a fair contract extension for him, and should the Yankees pursue it?

Yes, they should pursue it. How about two years for $32 million through 2022, with a $16 million vesting option (based on, let’s say, 450 plate appearances) for 2023?

At George M. Steinbrenner Field on Wednesday, LeMahieu said the Yankees hadn’t approached him about staying beyond his current deal. Yes, he said, he’d be open to such a conversation.

Obviously, I love it here,” LeMahieu declared.

Consider the feeling mutual. The Yankees’ most valuable player last year by virtue of his .327/.375/.518 slash line and aforementioned versatility,…

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