February 26, 2021

Why Astros should lose title (New York Post)

PORT ST. LUCIE — Demand that piece of metal back, Rob Manfred. Immediately.

When asked by The Post on Wednesday if the Astros should have their 2017 World Series title stripped, Tony Clark, executive director of the MLBPA, offered, “That is not our responsibility. That is something that falls on the league. When guys believe the integrity of the competition is being challenged, it runs the gamut of concerns, culminating with the World Series trophy, which is something that players are all committed to, trying to be the last team standing.’’

The Astros were the last team standing in 2017 only because they cheated, using electronic sign-stealing to gain an unfair advantage. Clark met with the Mets at Clover Park, the first stop along the union highway to all the spring training camps in Florida and Arizona.

Players are ticked off, and Clark’s answer made it clear Manfred is the one who can strip the title and also made it clear that players fully realize the integrity of competition was challenged.

The players know if the integrity of competition is destroyed, all is lost. Make the Astros pay for their sins. Take away their World Series trophy. If they want one….

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