February 28, 2021

Carig: Trevor Bauer hopes the Astros scandal creates ‘a new norm’ (The Athletic)

GOODYEAR, Ariz. — As the players unleashed their fury, as the outrage reverberated, as baseball’s chief executive prepared to fight the latest of a thousand little fires that are sucking the oxygen out of the sport, one of its most outspoken and polarizing voices searched for meaning amidst the chaos. Just a few days before, Trevor Bauer, the Reds’ All-Star pitcher, had been among those to throw accelerant onto the flames. He excoriated the Astros, whose players went unpunished by commissioner Rob Manfred, even though they perpetrated a sign-stealing scheme that has grown into one of the worst scandals in baseball history. Bauer’s outburst blended easily into the haze of indignation that has blanketed the sport. For the past week, players have run to the proverbial bat rack, eager to take their hacks at the Astros and Manfred, swinging from the heels as if they’ve picked signs and they know exactly what’s coming.

Now, Bauer hopes to get beyond the vitriol. On…

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