May 17, 2021

Jonathan Lucroy talks crazy lengths he’d go to beat Astros’ sign-stealing (New York Post)

Veteran catcher Jonathan Lucroy said Thursday he knew the Astros were stealing signs a couple of years ago and explained the lengths he had to go through to try to fool Houston.

“I knew about that two years ago, that it was going on,” Lucroy, who played for three AL West teams from 2016-2019, told reporters. “I know it just recently came out, but everybody in baseball, especially in that division who played against them, we were all aware of the Astros doing those things. It was up to us to outsmart them, I guess you could say, which is kind of hard when you have a computer program that breaks your signs.”

Lucroy, who had stints with the Oakland Athletics, Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Angels during that time period, said the teams he played on were forced to change signs on “almost every pitch.”

“We actively changed signs,” said Lucroy, who signed a one-year deal with the Red Sox earlier this week. “You had to because they had them — they would relay them to second base. They were stealing them from first, too, from between your legs. They had a very intricate system going on. We were well aware of it. It was a challenge. It was a mental challenge…

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