February 28, 2021

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Must Let the Game Police Itself in 2020 (Baseball Essential)

The 2019-2020 Major League Baseball offseason has not just been one to forget but one to bury under the floorboards and pray that baseball fans forget about forever. Obviously, the cheating scandal surrounding the Houston Astros took center stage this winter, but that wasn’t the only storyline that brought embarrassment and shame to baseball.

Other garish headlines from this offseason include an appalling sexual assault case around Pittsburgh Pirates reliever Felipe Vazquez, the still-ongoing investigation into the Boston Red Sox and their illegal use of replay video rooms during the 2018 season, and the recent Aubrey Huff controversy regarding the San Francisco Giants deciding not to include him in their 2010 World Series reunion due to his sexist and racist social media posts.

Baseball, as well as its Commissioner, has rapidly lost credibility among hardcore fans and casual supporters alike. Many fans across the country regard the sport with a veritable shoulder shrug with opening day just a little over one month away. For Commissioner Rob Manfred, the sport of baseball is in the worst possible spot because of one word and one feeling that permeates throughout the nation:…

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