May 13, 2021

Luis Rojas’ effect is already being felt at Mets camp (New York Post)

PORT ST. LUCIE — Communication, preparation and attention to detail.

All three components came together this week in one small example of the difference Luis Rojas is making as Mets manager.

The Mets were working on cutoffs and relays. As the drill progressed, catcher Wilson Ramos offered a suggestion. Rojas, whose watchword is communication, listened.

Rojas explained to The Post: “Wilson said, ‘Hey Luis, why don’t we have the middle infielders throw the ball in the air from the line, instead of the long hop. From the left field line, it’s tough having to stretch out for that throw and then do a swipe tag.’ ’’

To make the throw in the air made it easier for Ramos to get the momentum needed to finish the play. The change was made.

This is only one small example in a camp filled with tight baserunning drills, bunt defenses, pitchers holding runners, live batting practice, secondary leads and much more of the little things.

The wheels are always turning for Rojas, who prepares much like an NFL coach, taking his work home and then delivering on the promise. His Mets open the spring training schedule Saturday with split-squad games against the Marlins at…

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