May 14, 2021

Yankees didn’t cross sign-stealing line (New York Post)

At some point during the 2017 season — his first in Houston — Carlos Beltran informed teammates they were lagging compared to others in using the new video replay mechanism to decipher signs between catcher and pitcher. In a piece earlier this month, The Athletic reported Beltran told his new club you are “behind the times.”

Beltran’s admonishment was a key trigger in the Astros devising a system that alerted hitters in real time what pitch was coming, at least in 2017.

In that championship season, the Astros mainly used a camera installed in center field, fed to a monitor near the dugout, and once the signs were decoded, a garbage can would be struck to alert a hitter what type of pitch was coming. The Astros did this hundreds of times and it ultimately led to a series of MLB punishments, including one-year suspensions for now fired GM Jeff Luhnow and manager A.J. Hinch.

It also unleashed speculation that if Beltran knew the Astros were behind, then was a previous employer way ahead? He had spent most of the 2014-16 seasons with the Yankees.

Mark Teixeira, a prominent Yankee from 2009-16, insisted in a phone call with The Post, “I don’t believe any of my…

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