May 14, 2021

Deep dive into tricky closers market (New York Post)

Drafting a closer/reliever is like going to Best Buy to purchase a DVD for your collection (yes, we’ve heard about that whole streaming thing, but play along): You have to know where to look in the store for the best deals.

Being that this is a position that constantly changes throughout the season, you have to make sure you spend your money wisely.

When you walk into the store, the first thing you’ll see are the new releases — movies you rush out to get because you will likely watch them over and over again. Those flicks are like the top-end closers — Milwaukee’s Josh Hader, the Yankees’ Aroldis Chapman, Houston’s Roberto Osuna, San Diego’s Kirby Yates or Oakland’s Liam Hendriks — but they’re going to cost you, and it’s not always worth the price.

For example, Hader has the highest average draft position of all relievers (63.84), according to Fantasy Alarm, which means you’d be selecting him over valuable position players like DJ LeMahieu, Matt Olson, Eloy Jimenez, Bo Bichette and Paul Goldschmidt, or starters like Noah Syndergaard and Mike Soroka.

As you look on the lower shelves, you’ll find older titles you’ve seen hundreds of times,…

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