June 22, 2021

Dodgers: Centerfield Plaza Taking Shape in Dodger Stadium Renovation (Dodgers Nation)

As part of your weekly update on the status of the renovations taking place at Dodger Stadium, it seems that some good progress has come over the last week.

YouTube user John Kay shared a new video with some aerial shots of the update.

Last week, the Dodgers provided a full update on the construction taking place. In the update, LA VP Janet Marie Smith shared information on how the renovation is on schedule, despite the visuals telling a different story.

However, in this latest video, you see much more of the centerfield plaza taking shape. The frame of the batter’s eye has been put up, and the outlines for some of the food pavilions (being built off site) have been laid. Additionally, the concrete has been poured for the new home run seat section at the front of the pavilion.

Along with the skeleton for the standing area and walk way that connects the stadium for a full 360 walkaround experience, the…

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